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 Information about the firewood 

Wood is only restorable fuel what the humanity have today.

    It is big advantage of the wood that when good stored it keeps its energy potential - in the first 2-3 years it' s energy potential is even growing. This is because the wood is loosing water and getting dry.

  When dry wood is burning in the right conditions it burns  with no smoke, it is easy to light up, it doesn't soil when moved and it is producing low ash - around 1% from the primary weight. Wooden ash is perfect natural fertilizer. It contain: nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium hydroxide, silica, hypophosphoric acid and lots of others trace elements.

Dry wood - cheap resource of heat

1000 kg of dry wood mass is like:
  • 450 kg black coal
  • 520 kg coke
  • 340 kg furnace oil
  • 320 kg butane

Heat output table 

Wood kWh/cbm* kWh/kg
Maple 1900 4,1
Birch 1900 4,3
Oak 2100 4,2
Alder 1500 4,1
Ash 2100 4,2
Spruce 1600 4,4
Pine 1700 4,4
Larch 1700 4,4
Poplar 1400 4,2
Beech 2100 4,2
Hornbeam 2200 4,2
Fir 1500 4,4
Elm 1900 4,1
Willow 1400 4,1
cbm  = cubic meter, box  1x1x1 meter full of setted and chopped wood
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