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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I order the wood?

Please write us in which kind and size of the wood are you interested in and we will make you offer. We will consult all possibilities and details of possible order and then we will send you our order form. After filling it up and Fax to our office we accept it and deliver the wood to your destination. 

Is the firewood from Czech Republic really good quality?

Our wood is really very good quality. Our company is based on the long term cooperation with our customers and therefore we put our main attention to quality of all products. We cannot afford to sell you low quality products. If we would like you to be our customers tomorrow we cannot afford to sell you low quality today.

I heard that the wood from Czech is chemically treated, I heard about using pesticides, is that right?

No this is absolute nonsense. Firewood is not treated with any chemicals and it is 100 percent nature product. This is defamation by some wood traders foreign. They are trying to slander cheaper and often more qualitz products from abroad. Our company guarantee that our firewood was not treated with any chemicals, especially not pesticides!

Can you deliver the wood right to my place, does your LKW have rotating crane for unloading the wood?

Yes, we will deliver you the wood right by your house. But because we are using ordinary road LKW to get you the best price we are not able to unload the wood by ourselves. Our customers usually find fork lifter somewere in the neighbourhood to help them with the unloading.

How long have the hard wood to be stored to burn good?

Ideal is the firewood with the humidity less than 20 %. Our company is accepting orders for the winter from the spring of every year. If you let us know soon enough we will be able to deliver you the wood which will be ideal fuel in winter. Therefore please do not hasitate to write us!

What is the difference between hard and soft wood?

The difference is mainly in fire output of the wood. Hard wood is more suitable because of its high heat output. Simply when we would have to burn bigger quantity of soft wood to have same output as than less hard-wood. Please see the table comparing each kinds of the wood here...

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